The Alton Educational Foundation


 blutri 501c (3) Kohl’s Grant Application


Process for Alton School District to Request 501c (3) Donation


  • Complete District’s 501c (3) Request Form
  • Obtain Alton School Principal’s signature on form
  • Submit Request form to Teri Trapani, District 501c (3) Focal, for approval
  • After District approval and event is completed, submit Event Application to corporate donor

District Focal:

  • Approve requests
  • Validate event occurred
  • Notify corporate donor of the 501c org to process the donation (AEF, ABOB, AAA) so that donor can write check to the designated organization
  • Notify appropriate 501c org (AEF, ABOB, AAA) of the approved event, date, school, and amount of check to expect from corporate donor.
    • AEF focal – Ellen Jackson
    • ABOB focal – to be named
    • AAA focal – to be named

Corporate Donor:

    Submit check to appropriate Board (AEF, ABOB or AAA):

    Alton Educational Foundation Treasurer
    PO Box 514
    Alton, IL 62002

    ABOB Address:

    AAA Address:

AEF, ABOB, or AAA 501c Focal:

  • Record check and pertinent info
  • Notify Treasurer to issue check to respective school
  • Notify respective Board members via email of transaction or of any discrepancies that need to be addressed

Operating Guidelines established by District

  • Chris Norman will coordinate with ABOB and AAA for their participation
  • Chris Norman will brief principals and PTGs of the process
  • District focal will be POC for all issues, concerns from District staff or parents
  • Chris Norman will contact Kohls to reestablish 501(c) 3 partnership with the Alton District



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